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About Our Trailers

Glade Top Adventures’ overland trailers are made for the outdoor enthusiast who prefers immersing themselves in nature through tent camping.
Think of our trailers as “inside-out” RVs – You get some of the niceties of home while still being connected to the wilderness. And thanks to our standard 3,500 lb. HD Timbren suspension and 33″ all-terrain tires, you get to choose how far off-road and into the wild you want to be.

About us

How Glade Top Adventures' overland trailers got started

Jesse and Jonathan Wasson, the founders of Glade Top Adventures, got their love for camping from going on trips with their father.

They didn’t have a camper, RV, or anything other than their dad’s truck to sleep in. They would just put a camper shell on and sleep in the bed of the truck. They just figured that’s how people camped. They always loved feeling grounded in nature, away from all the noise and hustle of the rest of the world. After becoming a father, Jesse wanted to give his kids the same experience of camping he had. However, taking an RV out to camp resulted in more time being spent inside than outdoors. There’s also the fact you wind up in the middle of a lot of other RVs and you see more of the “neighbors” and their vehicles than you do nature.

Glade Top’s overland trailers bring the best of both worlds together. Its durable, all steel construction is fitted with a Timbren axel-less suspension, allowing for maximum ground clearance and a smooth, quiet ride for your trailer no matter where you take it. It’s also ready to be upgraded so you can have lots of the niceties an RV would provide while still being able to tent camp and feel truly immersed in nature.

Dad's first overland trailer
Glade Top Adventures' family tent camping
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